Creative Spaces Summit 2023


The Harmummies

The Harmummies


Individuals speaking on behalf of the HarMummies: Ashleigh Tarling, Musical DIrector and Sarah Woodard, Chairperson and Founding Member

The HarMummies are an Adelaide Hills mums choir based in Mount Barker. The choir was formed at the start of 2021 with the catalyst a post on the local mum’s Facebook page. Our mission is to provide a social, supportive and interactive network for mothers from all backgrounds that promotes connectedness and mental wellbeing in the local community through song and music. The choir has changed and grown over the past two years, surviving the unique challenges of Covid as well as the more everyday obstacles of members’ returning to work and #mumlife.

All Sessions by The Harmummies

Day 2
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Special Event

Lot 14 Lecture Theatre

Regional SA Creative Showcase - The HarMummies Performance
This unique presentation will include a curated selection from The HarMummies’ repertoire that reflects their creative journey as well as their shared experience as mothers. Songs will be interspersed with reflections on the choir’s origin story, the fostering of group and individual artistic expression, everyday practicalities and challenges, and the incredible support network that comes from the shared choral experience. Singing together as a group brings a joy and connectedness; come share our experience.