Creative Spaces Summit 2023


Dr Diane Macdonald

Dr Diane Macdonald

Black Dog Institue

Dr Diane Macdonald is a Postdoctoral Researcher in mental health and the arts at Black Dog Institute. She is the project manager of the Culture Dose for Kids study investigating the impact of an arts engagement program on improving wellbeing in children who experience anxiety.
Diane recently completed her PhD in which she explored disability and social justice through the lens of photographic self-portraits.

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Day 3
1:40 pm - 3:00 pm

Breakout Session Four

Unpacking Gallery Memberships
Presenters: Robert Heather, Art Gallery NSW and Tony Grybowski, Tony Grybowski and Associates
This session asks what makes museum membership programs more relevant than ever in the 21st century and how they can provide art galleries and museums with an opportunity to raise revenue, grow audiences, increase visitor engagement and create a community around their institution. Taking the lessons learned from the recent membership development planning done by the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales in the lead-up to the opening of the new Sydney Modern Project building, this session will look at how they can be applied to small, medium or large art museums.

Three Decades of Craft and Design
Presenters: Lisa Cahill, Australian Design Centre and Brian Parkes, JamFactory SA

Join Brian Parkes and Lisa Cahill in a conversation that spans three decades in 30 minutes! Together they’ll discuss the highlights and controversies, current state of play and future aspirations for exhibiting and touring creative practice; growing the sector; and giving audiences experiences of craft and design that enrich their lives. Asking each other curly questions about the past, present and future for craft and design this promises to be a not to miss session!

Digital Engagement – A New Paradigm for Creative Spaces
Presenter: Justine van Mourik, Deputy Director Engagement and Jill McKenzie, Manager Projects and Programs, South Australian Museum

Technology has disrupted the way that we have traditionally created, displayed, and experienced exhibitions and events. Digital engagement represents a range of new and exciting methodologies for venues to access, create and present exhibitions while offering more sustainable methods for touring that lower carbon footprint and expense. In this presentation, we’ll discuss recent examples of digital engagement projects presented at and by the South Australian Museum and the possibilities of digital technology to create new worlds and new paradigms for touring and audience engagement.

Rethinking Participation – OSCA Projects In and Outside the Gallery
Presenter: Paul Gazzola, Artistic Director / CEO, OSCA

How do place-specific participatory art projects advance more openly inclusive platforms of participation and greater community engagement? And when we say inclusion, who is really accepting this invitation? Drawing on Paul’s PHD research into models of socially engaged temporary art linked to his artistic practice; Paul will unpack a series of recent OSCA projects and discuss how the knowledge, evolving methodologies and information gained, informs the development of future works.

Regional Showcase
The Regional Showcase Program is designed to showcase the great work undertaken by artists and arts workers in regional SA. This program has been funded by Country Arts SA
Making the Leap from Screen to Gallery: Custom Hardware for Digital Artists
Presenter: Orlando Mee

Orlando will share learnings from his 2022 Catapult mentorship under creative technologist Tim Gruchy.
"As an artist producing mostly digital content, I wanted to find ways of bringing my work into galleries which might not have the infrastructure to support multimedia works. With Tim's guidance, I learned to build and program my own custom devices which function as art objects in their own right."
From building electronic sculptures out of modified plastic toys to developing and producing homebrew cartridges for the Nintendo Game Boy, this talk explores ways for digital artists to transition their practice into the physical world.
Encounter with the Otherworldly
Presenter: Monika Morgenstern

Artists have become the translators of the transcendent in a secular world. Art, at best, is the visual representation of condensed thoughts and ideas and contemporary artists increasingly tackle the subject of ‘meaning’ through art. Exhibition spaces can create an atmosphere of ineffability and facilitate a feeling of enchantment in a difficult to navigate world. We do not have to look to the explicitly supernatural to create an opportunity for a numinous encounter. Galleries already have the ingredients needed. Space, light and sound can all help to create an atmosphere in with the otherworldly can be experienced.

Workshop: Culture Dose for Kids
Presenters: Dr Dianne Macdonald, Blackdog Institute and Danielle Gullotta, Art Gallery NSW.

This engaging and interactive workshop presents a gallery-based wellbeing program, Culture Dose for Kids (CDK). CDK is a collaboration between the AGNSW and the Black Dog Institute (mental health researchers) to support young people with anxiety and their parent’s mental health. Attendees will learn about the program, take part in thematic artwork/discussions, and is followed by a tactile art creation exercise. Expected outcomes for participants include improved wellbeing, a sense of calm (based on parent feedback from pilot programs), and increased knowledge of the program and its benefits.
Strictly Limited Numbers for this session open only to those delegates who book in.