Creative Spaces Summit 2023


Anderson Hunt

Anderson Hunt

Down Street Studios

Since completing his studies in the early 90’s, Anderson has been working as an artist and sculptor in a wide variety of workplaces. From painting on the streets of New York, to skilled foundry work and project managing large scale public works, Anderson continues to explore creative opportunities in and throughout his life.
He is known for his creative ability in specialist metalworking skills and design and has produced some of Melbourne’s more contemporary public sculptures. His patrons include City Councils, Architects and Developers and numerous other institutions and private collectors.
Anderson’s private art practice is closely linked with his major public works. Thematically he uses natural form, creative process, memory and imagination – _combined with intelligent design processes, solid and sensual construction skills, and appropriate sense of materials. Predominantly Anderson’s work engages with audiences through the themes of environment, landscape and memory.
Since 1995 Anderson has been a principal Artist and director at Down Street Studios in Collingwood, producing site-specific public sculptures, city council commissions and urban art installations.
Anderson is currently working at his Collingwood studio on a number of new urban art initiatives and private studio commissions

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Day 3
8:30 am - 9:45 am

Keynote Session Four

Lot 14 Lecture Theatre

Keynote Panel - Our Digital Futures: Lot Fourteen Innovators
Panellists: Mandi Dimitiradis – Director of Learning, Maker’s Empire, Anton Andreacchio - Co-Founder, Convergen and Jumpgate, Thomas Hajdu – CEO, Disrupter and Director, Sia Furler Institute and Kristin Alford – Director, MOD.

Join innovators and creators from Lot Fourteen who will talk about the latest creative interventions in the digital space. Our panellists are at the cutting edge of digital creativity and this is a rare opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and how these translate into artistic experiences via case studies and first hand experiences. An amazing opportunity to think about what the future may hold from the people who are influencing and creating.

Keynote Panel - Mark Making
Panellists: Anderson Hunt – Founder and Artistic Director, Down Street Studios, Kristal Matthews, artist Wilay Designs

Our panel of public artists and curators will talk about the nature and importance of mark making in the context of art, community and heritage. The session will focus on the convergence of heritage and art - in the context of responding to place and why this is important. Galleries, artists, developers, designers and other stakeholders often collaborate on the creation, promotion of and engagement with artworks outside their facilities and within the public realm. Why is this important, what is the role of the artist and curators and what are the key things that we should be thinking about when making these marks on the world – acknowledging heritage and making history anew!